Description: The box and 1 defense is, at it's heart, a zone defense, placing 4 players in some box-like configuration around the key. This frees up one player to guard a player in a man to man defense. Typically that one player that is guarded is the offenses best player. This offers a little extra defense against teams that have one standout player.


Good Against
Player Fatigue
Game Pace


Good Against: Run & Gun Offense ; Give & Go Offense ; Low Post Offense

Player Fatigue: Medium

Rebounding: High

Shooting: Within the box and one, the overall best player on the floor for the offense will decrease his shooting. The remaining players (4) will all pick up their shot attempts. This is a complex defense as the best player on the floor should change given different situations. The best player is always guarded by the defensive player that plays that position. In other words, the SF would not move over to cover the SG is the SF is an excellent defender and the SG is the best offensive player. The SG would be covered by the defensive SG. This also applies to the Triangle and 2 defense.

Game Pace: Moderate